With advancements in hardware and software, 3D Laser Surveys have become a quicker and more effective way of producing high accuracy survey drawings. 
This type of survey, using a portable scanner, remotely captures data on site. With up to a million points captured per second, this type of survey is particularly useful where there are areas hard to access or areas with ornate details. 
Laser scanning is a fast way of surveying large amounts of detail to millimetre accuracy, whether inside the property, outside or both. 
Once captured, the data is registered into a 3D point cloud. The point cloud can then be supplied to the client using a USB. Alternatively, the point cloud can be edited to produce traditional 2D floor plans, elevations or section drawings, depending on the clients needs. Multiple sections can be produced using the point cloud, reducing the need for future visits to site. 
3D Laser scanning benefits: 

Accurate data captured fast, reducing inconvenience and time on site.
Ornate areas captured accurately and in high detail.
Much higher level of detail than conventional survey instruments. 
Efficient and cost effective.
Millions of points captured, reducing need for additional site visits. 
Additional sections can be provided without the need for additional site visits.
If you require this type of survey, please contact us by phone or email outlining the area that requires surveying and the specification needed and we will provide a free quotation showing our price, start time and project completion time.